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Fresh Bread Composition

Italian & Peruvian Cuisine


Our Story 

Finding the best of two worlds.

Italian Meal

Gino Cipriano is from Taormina, Italy, and Claudia Cipriano is from Lima, Peru. But as soon as they met in a restaurant in the U.S. they knew their food cultures were meant to be together. And so they opened Cipriano's Kitchen Kawaihae—a place where you can get the best of both worlds in a delicious combination of Italian and Peruvian cuisines.

Their motivation comes from a deep passion for cooking—a passion that led Gino to further his culinary skills by working with very talented chefs around Europe and the United States.

Claudia graduated from Cordon Bleu culinary school in Lima before moving to the United States shortly after graduating and meeting Gino. They have two daughters, Angela and Antonina, who were huge inspirations for opening this authentic and high quality restaurant.


"Fresh local healthy, good tasting food is such an important part of our cultures and have been for so long, greatly incorporated into our daughters diet and lifestyle that our goal is to incorporate the same quality of food into more people's lives."

-Chef Gino


Claudia and Gino are very happy, passionate people who strive to live life stress free and are very excited to be able to share this passion and joy on the Big Island.

Pasta Ingredients

Our Pasta, Fresh Bread, & Produce

 We're here to make sure that everyone can enjoy our delicious pasta. All of our pasta is made with no eggs, so it's perfect for vegans and anyone with dietary restrictions.

Our Focaccia bread, (a 96 hours process), and pastries are made daily in house with organic Italian flour.

We also source our produce from local farms like 

Honopua FarmsKawamata Farms, & Hawaii Farming.

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